Oil and Gas Drilling and Perforation tracking and statistical solution.

InfoPerf is a simple and user friendly interface that manages high volume of complex drilling and perforation data displayed in a concise format and easily accessible by different types of users.

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InfoPerf allows viewing well drilling progress through a period of time and comparing such evolution to reference drilling curves. Provides detailed information related to well maneuver by date and time, including depth reached by each.

Featuring a graphics module that displays different aspects of the drilling process, such as advance curves, bit performance curves, and cost curves. Graphs linked directly to its data source, allowing users to access detailed data directly from this module.

Includes a simple data export feature that can be used as source for reports according to each users roles and needs.

The system allows defining different entities when loading the Master Tables, configuring bir bands, types of BHA components, casing types, casing and bit diameters, areas, oil fields, and other data that allows for proper and complete loading of daily reports.

  • Data management and drilling and workover process follow-up.
  • Modular application, with various functionalities and target users.
  • Operative costs and expenses follow-up.
  • Graphics module: drilling progress, trepans performance, and costs.
  • Historical well data.
  • User defined queries.
  • Technical and cost information reports.