With Zafiro, InfOil introduces an innovative and unique development platform focused on end users and easily adjustable to each company’s business requirements in a very cost effective and efficient manner.

Specifically designed and developed for companies in the Energy Business, Zafiro is a flexible and easily configurable platform over which different applications, modules, updates and specific functionalities are being build, including Upstream Production management, planning, budgeting, forecasting, what-if scenarios, score carding, dashboards and consolidations.

InfOil’s Zafiro goes beyond a Business Intelligence (BI) software, it is a platform that combines BI and Corporate Performance Management (CPM) in a single integrated solution.

Applications and solutions developed by InfOil and based on Zafiro platform allows users to create reports and dashboards, present and analyze data and process modeling, define formulas, and configure visual aspects using an intuitive graphical interface environment without the need to programming. Users can also configure the application to be used in different languages and measuring units, based on each operation’s needs.

Zafiro Platform Diagram ▼ Expand platform diagram

Applications are developed using some or all of InfOil's Zafiro functionalities which include query, reporting, data input approval, dashboards, analytics, collaboration, annotation, KPI monitoring, notifications, export to/import from Excel, PDF and other corporate applications, data navigation, data distribution, ELT/data integration. It can be used to source your data from different systems, consolidate it (MOLAP/ROLAP) and rapidly build custom applications.

Some of the main features and functionalities pre-build within Zafiro’s platform are: