Oil and Gas Production management and analysis solution.

InfoProd, a fully integrated oil and gas production management system and data analysis tool. A flexible and powerful solution that is being used today by major Oil & Gas Companie in various different countries and has a proven track record of highly satisfied users.

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InfoProd is a highly flexible Oil and Gas Production management and analysis solution, which has a user interface configurable to customer needs without programming.

It is an integrated application that allows simultaneous access to the information, from production extrapolation curves to well tests; including well schemes, loss statistics, production potentials, and intervention records.

Developed under a state of the art technological platform which allows to incorporate peripheral modules and interact with other applications based on each customer needs.

  • Base framework for the allocation of complex production networks.
  • Supports virtual meters.
  • Approval levels.
  • Alarms and automated email notifications.
  • Decline curve analysis.
  • Transaction log history.
  • Dashboard
  • Government reporting.