Preventive Maintenance and Support System.

InfoMant is a computerized maintenance and management system for drilling and workover rigs. It manages all information related to rig maintenance, components’ historical information and tasks associated to its preventive, corrective and fault maintenance.

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Using InfoMant, users can generate components usage and consumptions queries ate any required intervals.

Allows components and rigs fully integrated maintenance management as well as planning for consumable goods and spares provisioning needs based on maintenance orders projections.

Users can perform queries and analysis of rigs current and historical status, with reports generation and statistical information.

Adaptable to any type of rig or groups of rigs, and tailored to customer’s needs.

  • Hierarchical structure.
  • Includes extensive component classes and maintenance programs ready to use.
  • Short implementation time frame.
  • Historical component data.
  • Rig’s lubricant consumption queries.
  • Preventive maintenance with maintenance orders generation.
  • Corrective and fault maintenance (work orders).
  • Maintenance order projections.
  • Component usage records.