Starting a very auspicious 2017

We are beginning a year full of opportunities and challenges. We have been working very hard for 25 years to be the leading software company for the oil & gas industry in the region. Today we are prepared, confident and thankful to all of those who trust InfOil and its people every day.

Total Argentina

Total Argentina has been a user of our traditional InfoProd for more than twelve years. Today, they have decided to migrate to InfoProd Zafiro. The professionals involved are already having the preliminary meetings to define the most important points of the project. Everything is being carried out with excellent energy by both groups, and above all, with great enthusiasm.


We warmly welcome Wintershall to the InfOil community. The largest international German Oil and Natural Gas Company has honored us by selecting InfOil for the implementation of its production management system in Argentina. In February we will start with the InfoProd Zafiro implementation project.

Petroquímica Comodoro Rivadavia

This important local company has been using our InfoProd Zafiro system for three years. Previously, the first version of the system has been active in PCR for more than twenty years.

For some time, this expanding company has started its activities in Ecuador and in the next months we will be starting with the implementation project for InfoProd Zafiro PCR Ecuador.

Thank you PCR for continuing to trust our technology and our people.

Sinopec Bolivia

This argentine subsidiary of one of the most important Chinese oil companies has incorporated a few years ago to our client portfolio very actively and enthusiastically. They are users of InfoProd Zafiro, Production Dashboard and the Chemicals Module with its associated mobile application.

We are very pleased that the Sinopec Bolivia subsidiary as well has now joined our client portfolio and has selected our InfoMant Preventive Maintenance System for its drilling equipment. We are currently completing the contractual phase and expect to start working together in a couple of weeks.

Research and development

The InfOil Zafiro platform has a robust roadmap for this year. We are currently working intensively on Zafirex, an integrated test tool that aims to cover the testing of the platform and any application mounted on it in an integral and automatic way. This will help reduce to minimum values the probability of errors in the face of version changes or afterwards, in the incorporation of new functionality.

Moreover, the mobile technology development group is working across all our applications, generating modules for data entry and visualization of information for all our users, no matter what system they use.

We continue growing together.


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