In the early '90...

...the crude oil market was deregulated in Argentina and consequently several new oil operation companies were created.

Within this context, InfOil started as a department of one of these new companies in order to develop a production volume reporting system (PVR).

The success of this system –InfoProd– got such an impact that in a few years became the most used application by companies in the accounting of oil and gas production, and its use spread to the rest of Latin America, and currently is also being used in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

In 2002, InfOil becomes an independent company focused on the development of software solutions for the upstream oil market.

InfOil has also developed other applications and systems for the oil industry such as drilling operations management systems, diagnosis and preventive maintenance systems, and has provided consulting services to major production and service companies.

InfOil offers personalized customer service by professionals with over ten years of experience in information technology applied to oil, and works close to the user ensuring a successful project. This is how InfOil makes the difference.